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Before committing to a professionally installed system, learn all you can about the various options available.  Comparision shop for a system that is best suited for your needs.  Price should be second on your list.  As with other major purchases, do not rush into any decision.  There is no "one size fits all" package.  Each system should have the devices your property needs to work adequately.  A local siren without central station monitoring may be an acceptable method for you, especially if you live in a rural area with slower police response.  There are many monitoring options, so research what is best for you before signing any agreements.

Wireless systems have the advantage of faster and easier installation, but use batteries that eventually need replacement.  Also, wireless systems tend to have devices that are more noticeable because they are usually mounted on the surface instead of hidden inside a wall or door frame.  Further, many wireless system are "self contained" meaning that they might not be able to support an outdoor siren and more importantly, the main control circuit is located at the keypad.  This makes the system more vulnerable to being physically disabled.  A wired system usually takes longer to install, but the parts are less expensive.  Wired systems tend to be a more reliable, long term solution.  Sometimes it is not possible to wire all devices so a mix of wired and wireless is a good viable option.