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DSC  PC832, PC632, PC1555

    NOTE:  LED keypads have lighted numbers and a written directory, LCD keypads display words.

To arm system:
You must have the green “ready” light on.  If the light is not on, something is open. Use your < > keys to scroll through the messages and see what is open.
    -- LED keypads display open zones using numbers and a written directory
Enter your code OR just press and hold the “Stay” or “Away” buttons until red “armed” light comes on.
-- Motion detectors will usually remain inactive if armed in the “Stay” mode.
-- If you do not leave during the exit delay time, the system may arm in the “Stay” mode.

    To disarm system or silence alarm:
        Enter your code.   (Hint:  Press the # button before you enter you code.  This clears errors.)
    If an alarm occurred while the system was armed, it will display what caused that alarm for about     15 seconds.  If you need it displayed again, just press *3.  If you arm the system again, the     memory light will go out and you will have to go to the long term history log to view it again.

    To view long term history:  (LCD keypad only)
        Press *6, then your master code, then *.
            The keypad will display the time and date or the event.  Press * to switch between the two.
            Use your < > keys to scroll forward and back through the events.
        Press # to exit.

    To view system troubles (yellow light):
Press *2 to view troubles.  LCD keypads will display exact trouble.
-- You can usually still use you system with the trouble light on.
-- The trouble light will remain on until the problem no longer exists.
    -- LED keypad indicators:
        Light #1= Low Battery or wiring fault (call for service)
        Light #2= AC Power Fail (check power to transformer at receptacle)
        Light #3= Telephone Line Trouble (fix phone line)
        Light #4= Failed to send message to central station (check phone line?)
        Light #5= Zone Fail (Press 5 to see which zone)(replace batteries or call for service)
        Light #6= Zone Tamper (battery cover is off) (Press 6 to see which zone)(fix cover)
        Light #7= Device Low Battery (Press 7 to see which zone)(replace batteries)
        Light #8= Loss of time (set clock)
        Press # to exit.

    To view or change user codes:
        Press *5, then your master code.
            Use your < > keys to scroll forward and back through users.  Press * to view or edit a user.
                -- LED keypads do not scroll, you must enter two digit user # directly to edit that code.
            Enter the new code or to delete the old code, press *.
    Once you finish with one user code, you can scroll through the list again.
    The master code is user #41 and regular codes are users #01 - #32
        Press # to exit.

To bypass zones:
        Press *1. (Your code may be needed.)
        Enter the TWO DIGIT zone # to bypass that zone OR
-- LCD keypads may use < > keys to scroll forward and back through the zones.  
            -- Press * to bypass a zone.   “B” will display in the lower right hand corner.
-- Press * again to unbypass it if you wish.  You may continue scroll through the zones.
        Press # when finished.

    To change time & date:
        Press *6, then your master code, then 1.
            Change as needed using 24 hour format:  HH:MM  MMDDYY
        Press # to exit.

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